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Ok so there really isnt a point to this post I just need to talk and I hope that I got some replies just some encouragement. I have been through sooooo mcuh through this breakup. It has almost been 2 months and I havent come very far. I have been trhough her havin a new guy, a new friend that doesnt liek me, her not caring, her missing me, ect. All of that si gone now and she is at square one. Over the past id say 3 weeks she has been to busy to really do anything. She had cheer camp a week, 2 days later she went on a church camp for a week, then she just got back and this week she has had 2 a days for the week and regionals competition on saturday. After that I think she will become not really busy anymore. Her older sis also had a long relationship not to long ago and has been single for about 4 months. She told my ex that she has learned so much about herself just being single now and I think my ex took that to heart. She did after the new guy she was seeing broke up with her was about to call and wanted me back her mom and sis told her not to because it wasnt fair to me or her for her to just jump back into a relationship when she doesnt really kno what she wants yet. I hadnt talked to the ex for quite a while but I talked to her mom all the time. In fact it got so bad that when I called the ex would sometimes be aroudn and theyd be like o its prolly just chris again. I kno this needs to stop because its like I cant heal and she knows im not over it. My ex still has the stuff I have gotten her like still up on her wall and our prom pic on her myspace. She also still has my folder i made on her desktop on the comp. Im hoping that whenever all of this stuff shes been doin slows down and she has more time she may start to miss me Just this week actually I went ovet here for the first time ina month and we watched a movie with her family. It was just like friends and it was kept that way. It was stupid I know but I just did it. I am officially going NC with her mom and her now and just seein what happens. School start up in a couple weeks and im very nervous to have to see her that much and at games and all that. O well i will just have to do my best...any insight into this would be good to/

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NC is the way to go. When I was going through my break up I thought nc was the stupidest idea ever. I begged pleaded ha everything you could imagine. Guess what ... none of it worked...he started calling me for a booty call and made things worse. So I did it...I just stopped...not slowly just all out quit calling quit texting,emailing,begging, driving to his house just too see if he was there.


Her sister and mom are right...its not fair to keep jumping back and forth expecially when she doens't know what she wants it only makes things worse for you. So she takes you back but a month later you will be right back here wanting to know what went wrong.


My opinion...let her go. I let my guy go and guess what....it took a while but I saw the light everyone was talking about...I learned alot about myself and what I want from a relationship and that I could do it without him just as you can. 6 months later...he came back. He was the one begging pleading telling me he was wrong. We now live together...we still have our problems but we are happy. If you are meant to be it will work out if your not...you will find someone else who makes you even more happy!

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So tonite my ex had a dress rehearsal for cheerleading regionals tomorrow. I went but I only smiled at her before they started she smiled back. They did there thing then after I just walked on by her and ignored her basically. Then tonite around 11 while im at the movies she calls. She says shes really happy i came and it made her feel better and stuff. Her mom calls a lil while later not knowing she called me. She says earlier that day my ex had a dream bout me and woke up crying and saying that she thinks mayube i have changed (ina good way). Then after tonite wen i ignored her tho she said well maybe he hasnt changed. Well wat do i do about this? haha thats the reason we broke up is because i started ignoring her and not giving her any attention anymore but i have to do that while were broken up to get her to know wat its liek to miss me. My mom also talked to her online and my ex told her it hurt when I just ignored her today and that before they started there cheerleading wen i smiled at her she started crying again. She said she has wanted to get back with me but then doesnt know. I am going to her regionals competetion tomorrow not tos ee her but just to go. How she i go about now while she is starting to miss me and have second thoughts?

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ok so today was very interesting. I went to her cheerleading competition they did pretty good. But during when she could talk she really didnt say much to me in particular or pay much attention. I was like crap maybe she just had a bad day. I aske dher after if she wanted to hang out when they were done she said sure. I went over there and we basically watched movies and such. She kept asking random ?'s bout me and i answered some and some i didnt. I figured out that she is very confused becasue she likes me and misses me but theres a new guy she just met at church camp and she is into him also. We talked even longer and nailed down what the doubts were and she all night was trying to cuddle and be flirty and asked a couple tiems if she could kiss me and i said no. She did go in once tho when we were laughing and i kissed back becasue of natural reaction. Anyways she was like I like you, i dont like him. When that came up again. And she was asking if we could hang out tomoro and i said i was busy....which i actually made plans right in front of her when i got a call...She said ok how bout monday then and i said yes. So we are hanging out at my house monday after practice.....how should i proceed through all this?

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Ok small update....we are supposed to hang out tomoro evening. She hung out witha friend tho today and i called her tonite at around midnight and she is staying the nite at the friends house she went to another room so she could talk to me and sounded like she wanted to but her friend asked if id be mad at her if we wait till tuesday to hang out so they could go see a movie tomoro nite. At first i was like well cant the movie wait. But then i told the ex i dunno bout tuesday because im usually really busy and i gotcha in on monday jokingly. I got off the fone and said well ill maybe see ya tomoro just give me a call. Wat do u think i should think and do with this?

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