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Ex sends fax to my work.... it's true!!

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Hi all,


Yes you read correctly. At about 4.50pm, I receive a call at my work and it was my ex telling me he has sent a fax to my work. I said " Haven't you hurt me enough, I don't want your fax", he said, I will not call you after this.


A few seconds later, the fax comes through. It is all typed up like a business letter, saying Attention: Ms..... ......, C/- my work place, address etc, then Dear...... It is set out exactly as you would do a business letter.

He presents the salutation, the body of the letter, does points with numbers 1. 2. 3. etc all down the page, then ends it accordingly.


He tells me in a very cool way that he has feelings for me and has observed and is concerned that I feel it is the best choice to ignore him by not taking his calls. To show me that he truly cares he will not engage in calling me or contacting me anymore, and by sending me the letter he will place all his love and trust in me???? He goes on to tell me how happy he is, how he has chosen to turn his life around in a very short time, how so many new opportunities have come his way and that he loves the person he is becoming. He talks of new philosophies, health regimes and a remarkable documentary that led to his epiphany. He says its important that I understand he has chosen to become defenceless and void of all preconceptions about me??????????


He types his initial at the bottom of the letter, obviously that isnt all the letter, but it is the main thread of the letter...


After the letter, I could not work. I was in tears, kind of hyper ventilating again and really distraught. That he could fax me a letter that is sent out so business like and actually fax it to my work. There is so no warmth in his letter, no apology for the way he has treated me, just all words wanting to make him feel better so he can move on. He said he'd never contact me again, so at least I don't have to get all wound up again.


I have been sucked in so many times by this guy, if you read my past threads you will see the pain I have endured, and he ends it with a fax to my work like I was some business associate....


I just really wanted to share this experience and just let it all out.


Thanks for reading.

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Ugh, what a jerk! He not only contacts you to mess with your mind, but he faxes you at work! Even calls you to make sure you would be the one to get the fax. That sounds very cold and cruel. It is a good thing he is your ex. Ignore what he says, he's just trying to hurt you.


Some faxes are pretty sophisticated. Can you set your work fax to block that number? Otherwise if he tries that again, ask a friend at work to get it and rip it up.

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Thanks Aurian, yeah I know. I couldn't believe it. It's just his style to send me something like that... so cold, so business like. He just wants to mess with my mind as usual, make me feel bad, stir up feelings etc.. but most of all it was a true indication that deep down inside, he is cold and calculating without any real emotion..

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That's right. Remember that if you're ever feeling weak. That is the person he is and you're well rid of him. Its awful when someone tries to make you cry at work of all places. When you have to be professional and can't really run away and cry in private. (My ex did this to me too - send me emails when he knew I would read them at work and then get mad because I read them and had to leave. Ugh!)

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