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talked to my roommate... things are allright

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I've been posting about a few problems with my roommate latley. She started a fire in our kitchen on saturday, and we're put out of our apartment for two weeks while they fix the damages (paint, re-carpet, order new appliances, spray for mold, etc...) So, I've been bending over backwards trying to help her out in any way I can, but she's the one that had renters insurance. I told my agent to put it on my policy but he left the company and never added it to my policy. Luckily none of the water damage or anything went into my room, just the living room (which she can claim most of my stuff as hers like my couch and stuff) and it went into her room but didn't do TOO much damage... just got some of her clothes wet and stuff... so, I've been calm, and nothing but nice because I know she feels bad. I took work off on monday to help her move all the stuff out of the kitchen and living room and her room so they can do the repairs, I've gone grocery shopping for us since all of our food was ruined, and we have to be out of the house for two weeks and she dosne't have money. I've been there for her emotionally, and as a friend just spending time with her because I know she's depressed about the whole thing. She freaked out on me on monday after I got frusterated because I was working on moving her stuff for an hour and a half before she got there because she was "sleeping" and didn't hear her phone ring. Then last night she tells me that she just gets frusterated sometimes because she feels like I'm getting all the benefits of her insurance? umm... we're moving out of that apartment mid-october because I'm moving to Georgia with my boyfriend in december so we're not re-signing the lease. So we may be able to benefit from the new repairs for a month and a half to two months... not something I'd like to be put out of my apartment and cooped up into a hotel for two weeks for. I only stay at the hotel with her because she said she didn't want to stay in some strange place alone... I could and would stay at my parents during this time if she feels I'm "benefiting" too much from her insurance... I just felt like this was totally crazy. I'm not benefiting from anything, I'm frusterated, tired and want my own bed, but i've been putting a smile on my face and being nice and cheary because I know if I don't it will just make the situation worse... why can't she do the same? Make the best of the situation and see how hard I'm trying to do everything i can? Should I just give up and go stay with my parents? If I do that it might burn bridges and make the last few months of living together hell with my roommate... if I stay I could go crazy and flip out if she keeps up her attitude... I need some help here. I wish my boyfriend was here to help me through some of this. It sucks being so far away from him, especially when i need him the most. This whole situation just sucks.

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shorty - you sound like such a sweetheart and you are acting like a saint! And I can't believe how ungrateful your roommate is acting - like the world revolves around her!!!


As for "benefitting" from the insurance... well, she needs to look at it this way - it was YOUR couch, she damaged it, so she needs to replace it. If anything, she is benefitting from having renters' insurance. THEY are the ones paying for YOUR couch.


Anyways, she sounds like a brat. She's definitely not handling the situation well.


If I were in your shoes, I know that I wouldn't want to live out of a hotel for a few weeks, and then move in, and then move right back out for georgia.


maybe staying with the parents might be the simplest way to go?

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the only reason I"m reluctant to just move into my parents now is A) all of my belongings are stuck in my apartment. We had to move everythign from the living room, dining room, kitchen, and my roommates room into mine so it's all crammed in there. Also, I would have to still pay the rent anyway since we're under a lease, so I'd be paying rent and not living there... I can avoid her for two months if that's what it takes... and she's only like this when she's stressed out. Last night she was like, I only think about these things when I'm alone and stressed out, all the bad things come to mind and I just get pissed off... I told her she should try thinking about the good things, and pointed them out to her... she said it was too hard to do that. Thanks for the reply though annie... I'm going to Kansas this weekend to visit a friend, so that will be a well-needed break from this whole situation.

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