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Is she interested or am i picking up wrong signals?

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I've recently become pretty good friends with a woman who is a lesbian, i'm a heterosexual guy. With that said, it feels as if though she is constantly flirting with me. She said she's never been with a man before, but i think she's interested in me. Anyone been through anything like this before?




Chasing amy?

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Thanks for the reply. How do i know---well, she is 24 and has never had a straight relationship nor slept with men. She has had several lesbian relationships, and that's it. But it feels as if she's curious and may or may not have chosen me--is it possible? or am i way off base. Have any women (lesbian) out there gone through this--you knew you were gay but felt attracted to a guy?

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Ask her if she's interested. She may be and she may not be. Sometimes women seem to flirt a lot and may not even realize it. If she's 24 yo and never been with a man, there's a good chance she may never want to be with a man. Then again, she could be attracted to you and never felt that sexual attraction for a man before. The best way to find out is just to ask her.

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