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I know she isn't good for me yet I still yearn for her

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Why is is that we know certain people are no good for us, yet we still yearn for them?? Why is it that we forget about all the bad in the relationship and only focus on what WAS good?


I want to send her an e-mail so bad telling her how much I love her and miss her. I know its just an emotion that's flowing through me right now so I will fight it.


Its so funny because we were broken up last year at this same exact time..


I know our relationship wasn't healthy but it was all I knew so I guess I just got accustomed to it..

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Sometimes it's like a battle between our head and our heart, that's what makes ending a bad relationship and sticking to it so hard. At first, when it's still new, our heart usually is winning.


Part of our coping mechanisms are to push away the bad parts of the relationship and only see the good- but there are reasons why you broke up. As long as you can fight the urges to call her, you are still OK.


After a time, when the breakup is not still so fresh and so raw, your head will begin to win over your heart, and you will know that this was the right decision.


Hang in there, it takes time.

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i went through the same thing. Time does heal. there are still times i think of the ex, but i no longer want to get back with her, she has become unattractive to me.


you may want to write down all the bad things that went on in the relationship as well as some of her bad qualities...for me, my list was long including how she would call me f-a-g all the time, always accuse me of cheating, how she'd go online trying to meet other guys, how she played with my head, how she sat around for almost a year with no job, etc.

you will soon see the bad outweighs the good

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