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Rules of the phone before meeting...

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What would you all consider the "rules of the phone" between a girl and a guy who are interested in each other yet haven't met offline yet? Though they do plan to. Like, should the guy be the only one making the phone calls, etc., or what are acceptable reasons to call each other about without coming on too strong or eager?

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I think they should both make the same amount of calls, if a girl wasn't calling me when I was calling her I would take it as a red flag and that she wasn't interested in taking things any further... It doesn't take much to pick up the phone.


You don't need a reason as such to call someone, just say you are calling to say hi, ask how they have been and what they are upto you get the picture... I would only say call at most once every two days, maybe a text message in the days you don't.

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Thanks, guys. I guess the safe thing to do is call sparingly and keep it very light and casual.


The phone is a tool to set up a date. If the girl is interested in you do you think that she would rather get to know you over the phone or in person? Keep the phone conversations short and to the point. Use them to set up dates and do the talking in person.

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