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Dealing with LDR and Sexual Frustration

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Excellent thread. I truly appreciated reading it; it reconfirmed to me that my course of action is the correct one.


My situation is somewhat similar in that I have some of the same concerns and feelings.


My situation is different in that:

• my girlfriend is recently my ex-girlfriend because of distance concerns but I am trying to win her back (and I hope that she wants me to win her heart back)

• my girlfriend lives over 14000 km away on the other side of the planet

• I will probably see her about 12 weeks a year until we can finally be together

• my girlfriend is my soul-mate and I want to marry her and live with her for the rest of my life

• I may have to wait anywhere from 2-12 years before we can finally live together

• There are a lot of other complications and issues: citizenship, children, work, pension, other potential partners, and more


My course of action is first to win her heart back then marry her then try to bring her to my country and live happily ever after. I don’t care about money or even logic. I scoff at logic. I know that I will happier and better off with her even if I have to put myself through hell and back. I have chosen by far the most difficult path and put all other options aside.


I thought I would comment because even though the results will hopefully be different, this thread has helped me realize what the issues I have are. Unfortunately I can’t offer great advice on how to deal with sexual frustrations. There are only a few choices: masturbation, abstinence, and affairs and none of them sound good to me. I do find that abstinence combined with regular correspondence via Web conferencing seems to help keep the relationship meaningful and important.


Perhaps the results will not be as I imagine but I can still see us growing old together and we are both content.

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