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Need urgent help

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Hello everybody,


I have been married since almost three months. I am a software engineer. My age is 25 and my wife is just 19. She is concentrating in study. We had no plan to have baby right now. We follow standard days method, and I use condom if required. But somehow we got miss. We are not pretty sure how. Now my wife is pregnant. After thinking a lot we have decided that we should get rid of it. Please tell me what is the best solution to get rid of pregnancy. I dont want any method that would be bad for my wife's health.

Please help!!! It's really urgent.

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Where are you located?


If abortion is legal where you are then that is an option to end the pregnancy- but you should both think it through and discuss it very carefully.


After that- you should begin to use a more reliable form of birth control.


Abortion should never be used as a form of birth control.




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How far along in the pregnancy is your wife? I am not sure where you live and what is legal there for abortion procedures.


You options are to end the pregnancy, or have the baby and put it up for adoption, or have the baby, keep it and learn to be good parents.


How detailed of the two of you sat down and discussed all of the options?

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We need to know more about where you live.


The others are right- the "calander" or "rhythm" method is not a reliable method of birth control. A better option if you prefer not use condoms with your wife would be the birth control pill.... abortion should not be used as a method of birth control.


How far along is your wife?


What are available options where you are? Do you know?

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Talk to your doctor asap. He will also know about the specific laws about abortion in your area. As the others said, please use better precaution in the future. Calendars are really unreliable, and even only condoms leave you with a bigger risk of getting pregnant than the pill, IUD or a combination of pill with condom.


I think the information you need is also available on the official websites of the state/country you live in.



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Abortion is legal here. As I have said, we are married since almost three months and I think the mistake happened in the very beginning, no chance for morning pill. And we dont follow only standard days, but if required I also use condom. I have heard about MR. I dont know what is the abbreviation of MR and what the differnece between MR and abortion.


We will go to doctor. I am very busy this week. But before going to doctor I would like to have clear idea, about all options. But I am very concern that whether abortion, MR would be harmful for my wife's health. Please let me know it details, what are all options and what they are actually, and how things happen.

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Obviously, you didn't always wear a condom when necessary, if you are really concerned about your wife's health, please take ALL precautions so that she doesn't have to go through this twice. Yes, an abortion can hurt your wife. Not only physically, but also mentally. I am not sure what you mean by MR. In early termed pregnancy, a pill can be used to abort, but I am not sure if this is a universally common method ('abortion pill'). Otherwise, the embryo needs to be removed clinically.


I don't understand why you say you are 'busy' this week. If you need to end this pregnancy and if you are so worried, THIS is your priority. When you speak to a doctor, please do discuss other forms of birth control. If you really want to be on the safe side, ALWAYS use a condom AND something else (oral or internal contraceptives).


You should consult a DOCTOR for information about the possible harm an abortion could do, we are no professionals.



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What is MR?


I think MR is Menstrual Regulation (MR) Services.


"Although pregnancy may not be confirmed, many women seek menstrual regulation (MR) services because they fear they may be pregnant. thereforeeee, MR shares some similarities with induced abortion. Providers and managers of MR services need to see that women obtain the means to prevent a subsequent unwanted pregnancy as an integral part of the care they receive."

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