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should i ask her out


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There is this girl i like but im not sure if she likes me. She'll give a little push sometimes in class. She smiles at me when i walk past her or when shes next to me. My friends say they will help me but i always refuse help friends try to give. Sometimes when i talking with my friend in class i will laugh or i always smile cause were joking around and sometimes i will look over there and shes talking with her friend and mine, and she will laugh and look at me. So i want to ask her out but i don't know how and if she likes me. But i don't want to ruin this chance because i've wasted to many. I was wondering if you think she likes me. Because if she does i was thinking of tagging along with and walking her home after a basketball game cause we both play basketball for the school. Even though we don't play on the same day she goes to the guys game with her friends.

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Come on guy, what will it hurt. It seems that all the right things add up and that she feels the same way. Don't let this opportunity pass you by just because you aren't sure. Regret is a horrible feeling and not asking her will only make it worse.


To try and tell a bit more if she like you or not, make eye contact with her. Don't stare at first, just casually gaze into her eyes. If her eyes meet yours and she smiles, chances are good. And try to be a nice guy - although the saying says that they finnish last, it is not true in the long run, only for the short term.


There aren't any red flags from what I can tell. Go for it.

When asking her out, be honest, let her know how you feel and most importantly, do it in private. Walking her home is considered a loving act (you care for her safety) and will better put her in the mood to be asked.

When asking, look deeply into her eyes and speak the truth. If she turns you down, don't ask why, just say "alright" or "O.K." and finnish walking her home. If you leave her gracefully, she might reconsider. It might only be a test or maybe she is not sure and wants to think it over. if you start ranting and raving or asking what your problem is (i'm sure there aren't any) she will just turn you away indefinitely.


But, if you don't ask, you will never know - thereforeeeeeee, you let regret rule your life. Although the walking her home helps, it may have nothing to do with her feeling emotionally attached to you.


Good luck - let me know through PM how you make out.

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