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What's it take to be a man who is "together"?


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To me, it means a man who has his priorities straight.


That to me is more about them being compatible with my priorities, as there are many men whom women will think are "together" but would not have the same priorities as me.


So for me, it means he cherishes his family, friends, loved ones. He cares about people, about the "bigger things in life" - and that is not talking about money but about love, respect, honour, compassion. Sure he works hard, but does not allow his work to overshadow the rest of his life and take it over. It means he takes care of himself physically, spiritually, mentally. It means he has passions and hobbies that he cherishes and pursues. It means he does not have excessive baggage concerning ex's or other drama he creates like drugs for example.


It means he is in a similar place in life to me, so that we are on similar life plans. He has similar values and morals, that are compatible with me as well. He has goals he is pursuing actively, or has life plans in other words that do not revolve around things like "winning the lottery" and "reaching level 8 of Super Doom Murder Master".


So, for me, it just means someone whom can be my partner in life, has his priorities right (in my opinion, won't be for all of course since some would put work before play, etc), treats me with respect and love and as an equal. Someone whom I can see building a life together with. Someone whom knows themself well, and is ready to open their hearts up to someone like me....in an equal, balanced, healthy relationship.

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I like RAYKAY's write up.. very susinct and echo's some of my own opnions.




And accepts and values my children. Knows when its time to play.. knows when its time to work. Will SHARE equitably with me the good, the bad, the ugly. Is an adult and doesn't need a mommy... I have 2 young kids, I"m their mommy.

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