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Dripping in the Dust


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Dripping in the dust by outcast-angel

Cut me open, watch me squirm

do you understand the blood

dripping in the dust, on the ground

in this graveyard of hope and promise

Strip me bare, inspect the imperfections

conclude i'm a freak and shove me under

Drown me in the rules of society

berate me with laws and expectations

Let me go and see how i float

tied to a boulder of responsibilities

Expect me to surface, disbelieve when i don't

proclaim that you don't know

Where i went wrong, how i've failed

exclaim over it louder so you don't hear

My last words echoing up from the waters

"i'm sorry"

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I like it....


It reminds me of a day at work....


Review time....


Definitely reminds me of REVIEW TIME...


"OK.. just get this project done and you'll get a raise"


Now its like... You could've done it better,

you could have finished it sooner,

You could have done it differently...

This is where you screwed up...


These are the rules... you have to play within

the rules.. .you have to use this process that some

shmuck brought into the company that is redundant and

only creates paperwork.. but it was his claim to fame...


Why didn't you use the process.


OK OK... so you did the job.. you did it when you said you were going

to do it.. and yes it is making money... but it could have been better, quicker and make more money.....](*,)





"I HEAR AND I OBEY"... yes massa boss... I'll be a good employee this year... I swear. LOL.


Thanks... I really liked this poem... it works. I'm going to PRINT IT.. and hang it outside my office cube !!!!

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Very nice, I love how everything in this poem reminds me of life...


"tied to a boulder of responsibilities

Expect me to surface"

that one really hit home. the overwhelming responsibilities people will put on you, and expect you to be successfull with each and every one. Great self-expression!


it's not even just the responsibilities people expect you to handle.. it's how they expect you to be a certain way, because of who your family is, or the way you dress.. it's just so hard to live up to it all. and if you don't seem to be the ideal child, everyone constantly pushes you to be that perfect miniature of whoever they want you to be. and the drama that ensues if you don't even try to be like everyone else.. they might as well execute me. because it'd be more merciful than their blatent disappointment..

thanks though, i'm very glad that you liked it..


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