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Ouch! PMS headaches???

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Hi guys,


I have had the worst splitting headache for probably about 3 days now and I'm getting truly pissed already.


I go to bed with it, and wake up with it. I've taken tylenol, and it hardly makes a dent. I have my period in about 5 days, so I'm quite sure it's hormonal but enough already! It's hurting so much that I feel nauseated at times.


Anyone else have menstrual headaches? What do you find works? Anyone tried PMS medications?


Lemme know...I'm hurtin!!! ](*,)



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I've had headaches like that all of my life. The worst thing is when you go to bed, hoping it will go away- but then you wake up with it again the next morning. It's terrible.


Personally, I tried everything- from over the counter drugs to prescription medication- to eliminate them. Nothing worked.


The only thing that has worked for me to get rid of them is seeing a chiropractor- and eating a healthy diet.



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For prescriptions, if I remember correctly


Ergotamine tabs,

Zolmitriptan tabs

Sumatriptan nasal spray


For over the counter- pretty much every migraine remedy ever sold.


Smells can definitely be a trigger- artifical sweetners too.


Sometimes the tension would be around my eyes- so I had them checked- my vision was fine...I wasn't squinting or causing tension in the area that way.


Most of mine stemmed from stress- Chiropractic helps to keep the body, spine, and nervious system balanced. I get a Chiro adjustment once a week- and it has been the best prevention for me. That and exercise, and a good diet seems to be my defense. Now I'll get a few headaches a year instead of weekly and monthy. Even on the rare occasion I do get them- they are less severe and I have exercises and stretches I do to help fight them off.




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Oh, yes, I'm also discovering the "joys" of menstrual migraines as I've gotten into perimenopause (the time before meopause proper starts...usually starts in mid- to late-30's...goes until mid-40's, generally)


I have a standing prescription for Zomig. Great stuff. I always have one "emergency Zomig" I keep in my purse all the time. I only need them every 2 or 3 months, but when you need one you REALLY NEED one NOW.

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