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Whats happening?? pls tell me.

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Pls help me --

my prob in brief is that my gf of last 2 yrs is confusing my head.


a month ago she said that she doesnt want a relationship and her priorities have changed to her family etc stuff and she doesnt want any relationship with me or anyone else. i tried to explain fm my side how much i love her .. no use... the next day she calls me and says that she now understands what i was trying to say and then we again were together -- i went o diff city - she called me twice 2 days fm then for 1 hr ... then she stopped.. i called her for a month.. then one day she called and said that one thing needs to b cleared that her priorities have changed and she considers what happened a mistake (which happened 2 yrs bfore)... and she must have misinterpreted her feelings but now it has no relevence to her.


yesterday i came to her city and went to her school to do some work > she was with me for 2 periods and even the rest of her periods were free. we didnt talk much -- later i called her and told her this that i expected her to talk to me -- she got furiated and said that she had work to do and why ppl keep telling her to do this and that etc...

later again i called her and couldnt talk much cuz she was getting very irritated and frustrated cuz of me.


today i called her and asked her why was she furious?? she said that there are certain things she dislikes about me a lot. but she didnt tell.

i then asked her why was she pushing me away -- its ok that her priorities have changed but does she consider meeting me a mistake too?? she then had to hang the phone.


now pls tell me -- is she trying to push me away cuz she considers her steps a mistake??

pls tell.

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