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help needed!!

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me n my wife of 10 yrs, split 4 mths ago. ive always wanted her back, but recently she says she wants me back. we both have relationships @ the moment. she says she doesnt love her new partner, but i love mine. i still love my wife but i am scared of getting back in case i mess up with my new partner....just want to know if anybody can tell me if theyve been through the same situation, or can try and give me a little help please.. many thx...

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she left because somebody showed her attention, something i know i wasnt, due to running business. if i decide either way how do i let the other person down. im not a bad bloke and couldnt handle the thought of hurting anyone. that last ? you left me with melrich.. thx because that does help a little...just have to keep thinking till i know ive made the right choice.

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I don't think there is an easy way to dump someone, either than to just do it. The other ways are all chicken ways. You can jsut cut her off and never speak to her, but that's not right. You could also try and drive her away but being really passive aggressive or paying too much or not enough attention, but there is no sure thing that will work and it takes time. If you want to go back with your wife, just tell the other one it is over.

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