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I probably shouldn't be posting here since starting now this is not about getting back together. It was, but now its about getting over him.


We broke up and have been chatting off and on but never about the relationship. Recently he has been talking about getting together, and our talks were much more affectionate. He lives 200 miles away.


I saw him Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon, while I was in his town on business. Things went well. Ive been careful with any relationship talk because I didnt want to scare him off. I did make it clear to him that I wanted a committed relationship and asked him how he felt about that, and he said fine.


But, today he was acting very aloof, so I flat out asked him what he wanted, and he told me that dating and seeing each other was fine, but he did not want a committed relationship with me.


So, thats that. I am not going to waste my time with him, and I am not going to be able to get over him unless I start NC. I've read on this forum "NC is for me" and I never really got that until now.


Wish me luck!

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He broke NC this weekend and messaged me with a "good luck" text message. Whatever. I sent him an email expressly telling him that I wanted no contact and if he messaged, called or emailed I would not answer. He, of course, messaged again asking me for my address so he could "send my stuff back". Poke. Poke. Poke. Just trying to see if he can get some kind of response from me.

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