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Make a move???

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k ive been liking this girl for about 2 months now, i know she really likes me, and i think she is waiting for me to make a move... only thing is, she isnt perfect. yea i know nobody is, we are alot alike, but i think i have better "values"... should i make a move??? Everybody first asks if we are going out, then if we are related, then say that we would make a "really cute couple"... i just dont know totally for sure... what do you think???

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What exactly do you mean by better "values"? If you really like her, than you won't let those things bother you. Don't let others tell you what to think, if they say you are such a good couple, etc and you don't want to be with her because of her values, leave her. Sometimes though some people just need to be around someone with better morals, they need to experience different things to know what is out there. Maybe, you can be a role model for this girl, to show her the better things in life, that there are good people in the world.


Hope that helps a bit, I wouldn't worry about it though! You are 14, have fun dating before you are too old and are ready to settle down!

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(i may be sounding a little old for a 14 year old) but i think i want a more "modest girl" a girl that just doesnt want my attension, one that i can respect her and her body... yea i know im only 14... all i should care about is sex right???


I don't understand. So, she dresses too provacatively for you? Is she not a virgin?

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i sasw it (shirt showing belly button) yeap i was at school...


Wait - so, not only was her shirt showing her belly, but her jeans were low enough to see her underwear?


I guess it's the fashion these days. You have to think if this would bother you if she dressed this way as your gf. If you're cool with that, fine. If you're not, then don't try to change her. You're not her mother.

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