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My BF goes to clubs

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Hi everyone. My bf always used to clubs with his guyfriends before he met me. When we got together he started going less, if at all. I never said anything, but I guess he knew it was a good idea to cool it. Latley he has started going agian and it really bothers me. He dresses up all nice to go out with them to clubs. Only one of his 4 friends have girlfriends so I know what its probably likewhen they go out, they want to meet girls. I hate that he goes and dont give him a hard time, but wonder if i have anything to be worried about. he has cheated on his last 2 gf, and says he was young and careless . he siad he loves me and is smarter now and jsut goes to the clubs just to hang out with his guy friends. I go to clubs with my girlfriends to dance and fun with them, but guys dont go to clubs to dance with guys, they go to meet girls. should i set my limits with him and ask him not to go. clubbing is bad for guys with gf's. am i being too protecive?

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Your in a tight spot, we all want our freedom in areas. I'm not sure if clubbing would be one of them. If I had a girl and I do, we would go together if we went clubbing. If my girl went out all the time and left me behind, soon i would have to figure that my wishes are not that important.


Plus she should know that already or I would not have been with her in the first place. I think you are headed for trouble myself, his track record speaks for itself. I'm sure he told them he loved them too, and they are no longer with him. I think you might be way to nice, and setting yourself up for hurt. Do you want to just sit home and wonder what he is doing all the time. Without trust you really have nothing but worry, and that is not a relationship its a nightmare. I'm not into stalking but you might just want to go out yourself one night if you know what I mean. Two can play the game he is playing. Nothing wrong with boys or girls night out, but why is he not taking you with him is my question.....friends or no friends.


Good Luck, I think your going to need it





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u have to worry... yai go with what kuhl282000 said, he's right....

why dont u tell him that u want to hang out with him and u can bring ur friends too... tell him that u wanna spend more time with him and u want him to meet ur friends and meet his friends.... i dont think its a problem and if he has nuthin to hide he shouldnt argue abt it and just let u hang out with him... if not, then u should worry, maybe u can follow him one night and just check what he does, u know what i mean

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I wont lie to you, though I really don't want to add any poison to your head, but I have to tell you what I "think" is going on.


If you had said that he wants to go out with the guys once in a blue moon, i would say.."ahh don't worry about it, its ok, its a guy thing" but his outtings seem to be very frequent and this honestly has me concerned.


I think he possibly may be getting bored with being in one relationship... (NOT YOUR FAULT..some men get this way and with the influence of his "boys" the results can only be catastrophic!)


My first question is why hasnt he invited you? Why hasnt he asked you to come along? And why is the other friend with a girlfriend also tagging along with the other 3 single men? This sounds like men who are not ready to settle down with just one woman.


And you are absolutely correct...Most men don't go to clubs just to dance...they go to look, flirt and feel like "the man" when they go out. They like the attention, and things happen.


Don't be a fool, pay close attention to how much he just has to go out. If this continues..then I'd lay down the law...



I know a female friend of mines who used the CLUB as a wonderful way to meet men...I cut this girl loose because she was ENGAGED AT THE TIME. She was a skank. Just a little info!

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