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wondering what my next move should be (seriously)


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On my way to Monday night class, before getting in the elevator I had let a girl walk through first, and she said thanks. Then I was walking fast down the hallway because I wanted to get a good seat before the lecture started. Before entering she asked me if I was taking the same class as she was. I sat down, then she she sat down next to me!

Halfway through class, on break she asked a guy in front of her if he had the notes from last week. He did not. She was about to ask me the same question when I asked her if she had a copy of the syllabus. So we helped each other out.

Then she asked me if I had bought the book yet (so many questions!) and finally at the end of class she introduced herself to me. Now as for me, I was acting like a robot, talking in a near monotone voice because I was so tired and dull from the lecture. But now that I know this girl is somewhat interested in me, I have to really act like an "interested guy"!


Am I right? Plus now it makes me wonder in my head "what happens next?" I think in the near future once she gets more comfortable with me, we might talk about what we did over the weekend. but for now I will do..

well, nothing.

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