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not allowing my self to get hurt this time

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Ok..in a few posts back i said that i was dating a guy who was like family to me and we got very serious quickly. well..it just seemed like lately that he doesnt even wanna talk to me cause he gets off the phone with a dumb excuse and then says he'll call back and never does. also, when i didnt hear from him in a few days i called and he told me he just got back from boston, cuz he travels with his job going to different work sites. i couldnt believe he didnt tell me. now, its been over a week since i have talked to him. i decided i wasnt gonna call him and he hasnt even called me! i just have this feeling that hes not gonna. i dont even wanna talk to him after hes treating me like this. i will see him around hunting season..if he doesnt call or come see me (in november) because he hunts with my brother in law and other family. but when i do speak with him..im gonna tell him, i knew that i was gonna get hurt and i had to let go before i got too attatched..im really crazy about him now..but im trying my best to get over him.


what i wanna know is..am i doing the right thing? Should i call him and talk to him about how i feel? or should i just wait to see if the jerk calls me??



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If it has really been about a week since the last time you talked to him, I suggest that you call him and tell him how you feel. Maybe he does not know exactly how you feel. There is also the possibility that he is blowing you off but you will never really know for sure until you find out.

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