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my ex wants me back after splitting up with him 2 months ago

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hi. i got sort of a big problem that i needed help solving. my ex, (josh) told me this past monday night (august 8th) that he wanted me back after splitting up just 2 months ago. our relationship was kinda rocky, but he never hit me like my other ex of 2 years did. anyway, a few weeks before we split up in around june, i cheated on him by sleeping with this guy i met at wal-mart (richard) where i was working at and he didn't know this. we've slept together and has been seeing eachother for a while, and quite often, he would take me out to a movie or to eat like josh does. now, the biggest problem is choosing between two people and this has happened to me before. i miss josh and then again, i'm not sure on whether or not i should go back out with him. i now live with this guy richard for like 3 months. i'm not sure on how he feels about me, but i like him a lot, and i like and miss josh very much. i haven't met richard that long, but i've met josh just a little over a year ago. who should i remain with? what should i do? should i tell josh that i cheated on him behind his back 2 months ago or should i keep it a secret? he already suspects that i've been sleeping with someone else for the past 2 months and i've denied it to him. should i tell him the truth? what will happen if i tell josh the truth? will he ever forgive me or call me a s***?

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I doubt Josh would be that forgiving if you told him you cheated on him. In fact, he'd probably regret asking you to return. He has suspected that you have been with someone else and you've been lying to him...if you disclose all of this information now, I don't think his offer to have you back would still stand. I also think that it would be unfair to Josh to go back to him without first beeing fully and totally honest. I don't know what his reaction would be but I know that in a relationship you have to be upfront from the get-go. I am wondering...why are you living with Richard? You don't seem to sure of his feelings for you or of how much you want to be with him since Josh came back in the picture. To me, moving in with someone is a big step to take and probably isn't a good idea unless you are in love and committed to the person.


What should you do? Be honest. With yourself, first. Sit down, figure out what you want. No one here can do that for you. Next, be honest with these two men. Good luck.

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