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Part 3 with her

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If you have no clue what I am talking about, click the link. For those of you who know, just read.


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Well lets see here, next Saturday keeps getting closer and closer. I am not really afraid of how that night will turn out. I am very sure I will enjoy myself. I hope she does too. But this is not the point of this post.


basically, I am having real self-doubt issues, and am kinda depressed because of it. I keep thinking of the worst case scenarios. I always say:


'How is it possible I could be going on a date with this girl?'

'How could a girl like her, be interested in me?'

'What the hell do I offer?'

'Does she even care?'


Now I know most all of these seem to be easy to answer, but not for me. I just want to tell her whats been eating at me for the past couple of days. I just want to tell her that I am sorry for maybe coming off as either to shy or not talkative. I really enjoy her company and her niceness. Although her company is EXTREMELY limited, I still enjoy it emensly. You see I have NEVER been friends with a girl, besides family members. You might say thats not possible, but I say it is, because I am living with it everday. basically I want to tell her that I am afraid and that me being to afraid and careful, will ruin any chance of me getting to know her. I wish I could ask her to bare with me in this learning period I am in.


When I first saw her, I was immeadiatly attracted to her physically. In my mind I basically knew thats all it would be for me. A physical attraction. She would never give a rats *** about me or what I thought. But I was proven wrong. She began to be open with me and open me up, and I became attracted to her in an emotional sense. She has put me into great moods, which are few and none in my life. She has also been so flirty and accepting of me. All of these little things she might take for granted, all help me in amazing ways. I don't even know her and I want to so bad.


I just feel like I am another bump in the road for her. That I am just another guy she sees day to day. And all Saturday is, is a friendly activity. It has no meaning. But to me it does. I feel so alive now. Its like I have been hidden from this amazing feeling of acceptance.


Its like water after a long workout. You have a sip of it and you feel how good it feels to get rehydrated. And how relaxing it is. Then you want more of it. Thats exactly how I feel when I get around her.


Now please don't misunderstand me and take me as a stalker, because if she were to ever want some space or for me to leave her alone, I would. I am not doing anything like that to want to make her say that, and I respect her. And all I want is a connection with her. Wow I want to tell her this stuff, but it would ruin it all. I hate my situation.


Any ideas would be great. Hope I didn't bore you.



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I know this is my first post, but I saw this and had to reply. I did read your entire encounter.


I know there are other people here that have more experience than me, but I just want to tell you what I think.



From what you have said she obviously likes you, and you like her. I know it may be overwhelming at first, especially with a beautiful girl for the first time. But you need to try to not be too over the top. Contain yourself for now, just try to be a nice guy. She likes you for who you are, I'm betting that she knows you are shy and that's something she likes about you. Use it to your advantage.


Do not question yourself. She can read you better than you think. She obviously thinks your a worthwhile person, and that's all that matters. You need to stop thinking so much and just go with it.


Don't worry about not being able to drive, don't worry if you don't think that you're cool enough to be with her. Just be a nice guy. That's all she really wants. Just try to be sweet and caring and be a good friend for now. If you can do that then I am betting that you are way ahead of any of the other guys she hangs out with. Honestly, alot of guys these days are a**holes (I can be as well sometimes).


Don't hesitate to tell her that this is a new experience for you. At first you need to be somewhat vague. Like I said, for now you need to just be friendly. If it develops, it will do so. It is all about timing. You need to wait for the right moments, and believe me, they will come.


Three rules:

1. Smile alot

2. Try not to become obsessed.

3. Just go with it, don't underestimate yourself.

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I know this is me being paranoid again, but if a girl doesn't ever call you, is that a bad thing? I feel almost like I am the one doing everything. Even though its not much I just want her to show a little interest in me. AKA call me to talk to me. I don't know shes probably just busy and all. But its still eating at me.


And how long should I wait to call her each time? Should I wait a day between each phone call? Or what? Thanks.



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I would have to say it depends. If you guys have alot to talk about, then call her every day and talk away. If not, just call her a few times a week to check up on her and maybe make some plans or something, or just to see what shes doing.


Don't think that you are getting on her nerves or anything. Probably if she didn't want to talk to you she would say she had to go as soon as she answered. Don't worry about it, she probably is a little busy.


Don't get obsessed though If it doesn't work out with her, there will be others.

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Hmm I am kinda worried (I shouldn't be I know). But I called her today and I haven't gotten a call back from her. I am trying to set up all the details for our date this saturday, but I can't get a hold of her. I really hope she hasn't forgotten, but I am thinking worst-case scenario here. I think I see her at work tommarow, so how should I ask her about this stuff without coming off as really pushy? I just want to tell her everything for our date considering she is picking me up. So can someone put my worried mind at ease? Also she was out of town for the weekend. And she started school today (hence the reason for calling. I wanted to see how her weekend was, and how her first day of school was.) Thanks in advance.



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Just give her the benefit of the doubt. When you see her tomorrow, start out with how was your weekend and your first day of school. Make some friendly conversation. Then after you get her attention and things are going good, just be like "So what are the plans for this weekend?" Just try your best to keep an upeat tone about it, dont be negative. Don't put her in a position to where she has to be defensive about it, just try to be upbeat and positive, as long as you do that you wont seem pushy at all. With a big smile


If she says she has plans or something that's fine. Just ask if she would like to go another time.

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Well good news, she text me today at lunch. And she was very happy. I'll see her at work today.


Oh and Zacherz, I already have a date with her . I just need to give her all the details for it. As in when to pick me up, and where we are going to eat and ice skate. But thanks for the encouragement and tips!



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Wow, she just keeps getting better and better. I am really starting to become more comfortable around her. She even told me to be more open with her, and that she doesn't bite . So I really can't wait for this Saturday. I am almost to the point that I don't feel nervous about it either. She has helped me so much, I can't even describe it. As small as my situation seems, she has changed my life(seriously). Before her I was down in depression and was always so negative. But now I always seem to be happy! When I think about her, a smile comes accross my face. And my day gets brighter. I know it probably sounds like I am rushing things, but trust me, I am not going to tell her all this. I am going to wait and see how everything turns out. And possibly get a seconed date. Thank you all for the kind advice. I re-read my older posts, and see how scared I was. I am so happy I acted on this. Its made all the difference in my confidence and in how I handle situations. I know even if things don't work out with her, that I will move on to be a better person because of this. Thanks again. I will keep you guys posted on how the date goes!



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That is awesome! You have no idea how happy I am for you.


It is such a good feeling when you find someone that you would normally think is totally out of your league, then she is telling YOU to be more open.


Please let me know how it goes on saturday

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Well lets see here, I have some bad news, but its not terrible news. We had to reschedule the date to next Saturday, so we won't be going tomarrow. But I did have a nice conversation with her tonight. She got scheduled for tomarrow during the time our date would have been. So we couldn't do it. But we are defenitly going next Saturday. I am going nuts because I want to go out with her so bad! But I have to wait another flippin week! Bahhh! Oh well, its not her fault. I guess in a good way it builds my suspense. Man I can't wait! Well I'll keep you guys updated.



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