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Been around a week and 2 days since the breakup, maybe a week of NC.


Already I've had people block me on AIM, I've heard stories of her talking to people, and telling people that, *I* am the one telling people to not talk to her, which i certainly have'nt done.


She went up to my ex g/f (who was her friend) for sometime, but more close to me, and said 'traitor', to her, which was extremely odd, because all she did was TALK to me (we're now currently going out because of exactly waht jasmine did, she called her a traitor, well, she obviously feels bad about it, lol, so i decided to ask her out)


unfortunately, ever since she left for band camp i havent been able to get ahold of her, maybe jasmine convinced her to not be my gf anymore? or to cheat on me? or something? Kinda scared she may have been violent with her, beaten her (killed her), its been 2 days now since i talked to her.


Jasmine is a nut, i know, but i love her, and always will, but i hate her as well, and i only feel good when she feels bad, and when shes lonely and with no other guys, because i hate her so much and shes not with me.


So it seems like we've become enemies, and shes talking horrible $hi* about me, and its horrible, and people are always blocking me, ignoring me, etc...god its horrible, school starts soon in about a week...What do i Do?


Can i contact her, email her, and tell her we're not enemies and that i still love her, but we dont have to be hateful to each other? HELP PLEASE!


if someone would like to talk to me (I'd GREATLY appreciate it) on AIM, my sn is SexyDudeGuy, thank you

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