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why did he not kiss me? (related to a previous post)

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hi there,


I previously posted link removed as you may remember. I have another question where that background information may be kind of helpful...


Today, I ran into the guy talked about in the post above. The one I've had two dates with, made out with, etc. I was up at my university studying for an exam, and I bumped into him in one of the campus's cafeterias. He hugged me hello, we talked, and he asked me to join him for lunch. He bought me an orange juice, opened a door for me, and offered to give me a ride home (which was so sweet because I live almost 20 mins out of his way). Anyway, we talked, ate, and then I walked him to his class. He said "take care" and hugged me goodbye, still no kiss.


So, I was wondering... why didn't he kiss me?? As you can see in my other post he has no problem kissing me when we are alone. May he just not like public displays of affection? But see the bad things running through my mind are that:


(a) maybe he was embarrassed to be seen with me (in a way thats more than friends, because obviously he was seen eating with me). Maybe because of the five year age difference, I dunno. Or (here comes my somewhat low self-esteem, lol) maybe because I am not the prettiest or skinniest girl in the world.



(b) maybe there's another girl(s) that he's dating that goes to our university and he didn't want her to happen to see us kiss.


I know I probably sound paranoid, but can anyone offer any advice on why he didn't give me a quick peck on the lips for either a hello or a goodbye?


p.s. another thing I thought I should add... he didn't sit accross from me at the table... he laid his backpack down and sat diagonally accross from me (at a four person table). I thought it was weird, unless he just wanted more room on the table for his food.


I just thought both those things were weird ways to act in public with the person you are dating.



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Before you start down the path to over-analyzing, let's ponder the less drastic of situations.


Maybe he was not sure how YOU would react to being kissed.


Next time, try kissing him yourself? He might just be a tad shy, even though you both have already made out, it's possible.

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Sounds like a case of overanalyzing and thinking the worst to me.


He might not be a PDA person, it may not of occurred (kissing), he may of been waiting for you, he might not of been in the mood for anything but friendly.


I honestly wouldn't start chasing after ideas of imperfections and cheating. If I thought such things everytime I didn't get kissed by a current partner in public, I'd be flat out paranoid and minus one other person in my life.


If there was some deeper reason I don't suppose he would of even concerned himself with you. Far less an offer home, lunch table sharing, OR a hug.

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Relax, stop getting paranoid!


The main reason for you being in the cafeteria was to eat and drink. Did he have a time limit for being there? He sat diagonally. Maybe he needs more room to stretch his legs?


He maybe thought that if he started kissing you, he wouldn't be able to stop! He might have had other things on his mind.


Don't talk to him about trivial little things like this or you'll put him off!


Next time take the initiative, give him a quick kiss on the lips.


Good luck.

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