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I feel pathetic for being lonely. It's been a year since we broke up. I just can't seem to get over it though. And I feel as if i don't have any friends anymore. We hung out with the same group of people so it's really awkward when were both there. Now i just stay home to stay away. One time I decided to not let it bother me and hung out with the group...that night was horrible...i sat there, watching one of my "close friend" flirt with him........


i would rather sit at home on a saturday night than have to watch him with other girls......my girls.....



I feel blue

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ok, you need to do things you enjoy, watch a good movie and have yourself a good meal to get your mind off things. go out with some friends, but not with him. dont hang out with the group right away, hang out with some of your friends just out like a girls night out. you need to see other people, by avoiding eveyone you just think of your ex even more. and dont feel bad the way your feeling is normal ive been there before. you just need to get out and spend time with other people



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As depressedone said, it takes time, its different for everyone, it took me over a year to move on, and even then once in a while after that id get a bout of depression.


Going to new places, finding new hobbies, changing your style (hair, clothing, etc) all help a lot.


I am sure you know about the no contact rule, but if its impossible, at least minimize contact as much as possible.


Depression is similar to an addiction, you can let those thoughts and feelings replay over and over again in your head, and your mind will bind neural networks just for those thoughts, and those nearons want to be stimulated.


So what you need to do, is everytime you start playing that same movie in your head, tell yourself, "NO! i wont do this, my ex will not control my emotions, I will think of something else" this isnt easy, and at first you wont remember to say these things to yourself all the time, but thats ok, do it as much as possible, because everytime you do this you will be removing that stimulous to those thoughts and make them weaker and weaker, until you just dont care anymore about them.


In other words, feed your negative feelings and you keep them alive, starve them and they will go away.

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