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Question about dating....

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Hey guys....


I have a question and was wondering what everyone thinks...well I guess it's more for the guys..but any opinions are welcome

If a guy is interested in a woman but not actually 'dating" her...if he

knows she is dating other people is it a normal reaction to wonder if she is sleeping with other poeple, or is this not even a thought that crosses the guys mind UNTIL he is intimate with her?? I am wondering because I have been casually dating a couple guys ...and I want to be discreet but also fair to the guys I am seeing. I ahve not slept with either of them...but if that comes to pass...and either of the guys wants to know, what's a graceful way of telling them without sounding like a "ho"? LOL

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I think it would stick in the back of a guy's mind if he REALLY liked the woman. I don't think anyone who is really interested in someone would want know that the person they like is sleeping around.


Of course, it is none of their business, but if you were to become intimate with someone, I would make sure that I got tested for STD's and share that info with the person. You don't have to list out your entire sexual history to the person, but I do think that you have a moral obligation to your partners, especially if you are going to be casually dating and potentially sleeping around with different partners.

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