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Only way to get better at it is to practice doing it. You shouldn't care what others think of you. That's the problem you have it seems.


Join a class (maybe for public speaking), a camp (lots of people your age to hang out with). Something that has a lot of people involved.

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People are always judging you. Why pretend otherwise?


If you want to improve your conversational skills in order to meet new people, words will be your only way to impress them at first. Knowing that, it seems to me that it is not always a good idea to say exactly what you feel.


It's Vanity Fair out here, and being your best self doesn't necessarily mean being... well, yourself.

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Well, I said I'd like to be able to say what I feel, cause if I were to choose between having many more "friends" and staying true to myself, I'd rather choose the latter. So, if I say what I feel and they don't like it, it's their right not to like me. I don't care. I'd rather be with ppl who'd agree and who I could connect with. There are only few things in this world everybody likes: gold, money and that sort of thing. And I'm neither of those, and I don't wish to be like those... I said I'd like to say what I feel, because I think that some ppl out there might have more in common with me than what I think, but I'm just so bottled up (and I think it's due to the fact that I just act like that when I think everybody's judging me), that I'll never know who does and who doesn't. And it's true, I know ppl are judging all of the time. But I wish I didn't care. Like being in that show I went to a while back... it was tons of ppl and at first I did feel a little bit like that, with the judging BS, but a while later I forgot about it and let myself free... I could yell, I could say whatever, and I didn't care, cause it was like everybody was doing it anyways, lol. It was so awesome... I wish it was always like that, lol.


But if being my "best self" doesn't mean being myself, then I don't wanna be my "best self". Ppl might think I'm being stupid, but I guess I think that if someone's gonna hang out with me cause I said something I didn't really feel or mean, then I'd rather not be with them.

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