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so confused and depressed about this one for some reason

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So there is this girl i went out with a few times...she really seems to like me and has told me how important it was that her best friend liked me as well and basically "approved." We have not spent to much time together, about 3 weeks ago, saw each other 3 days in a row...then not for a couple of weeks. I saw her last sunday 9 days ago and spent the whole day with her. At the end of the day because she had to go to work, she gave me a big hug goodbye, told me how much she loved hanging out with me and told me that if she got off work early, she wanted me to hang out with her and her best friend and her best friends husband...she also said that if she did not get off early, she would call me when she got home if it was too late. I did not hear from her that night, so i assumed that she had to work late...i sent her at txt on monday that did not require a reply..just sort of a have a good day msg...then i left her a voice mail on tuesday last week. I never heard from her. I sent her another txt on friday morning saying...good morning stranger, hope you had a good week...give me a call...i have still not heard from her...it is so weird...she has mentioned that she is still not over her x who she broke up with 9 months ago cause he was cheating on her...but then she will always say something like I love spending time with you...I am the type of person that if i call you once and you dont call back, i will most likely not call you again..but i really like this girl and I am absolutely baffled..i thought for sure by now I would have heard from her...any suggestions...should I call one more time and just be blunt about the fact I like her and she is sending mixed signals...please help!

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I think you really need to confront her about this one. This is something she should really find the time to talk to you about it. Phone her and ask her if there's anything she wants to talk about, and mention that you feel a little put out because she isnt spending much time with you.


You say something about her ex, you shouldnt jump to conclusions! I know it might feel like a threat right now, but don't mention him at all. If she still has feelings for her, she should have the respect for your emotions to tell you.

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