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Husband takes off ring in anger

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1 hour ago, Starlight925 said:

For me, the arguments about parenting aren't the issue.

If you both got on the same page about parenting, he'd pick another argument.

He's using the ring as an emotional tool of control.

I'm mad at you for X, so Y (the ring) comes off.  See how upset I can make you?

I had a husband who did that.  Key word:  Had.

Very very good point you made.

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I agree that the differences in parenting styles is extremely important.

  I’m saying that even if this issue gets resolved, he’ll pick another reason.  

In my case, the first time it happened, he accused me of still keeping in touch with an ex (not true).  Once that was resolved, it was “issue du jour”. 
  It was never over.   We had a dish by the door for our keys, which became his “ring dish”.  

Turned out, the accuser was doing what he accused me of:  cheating.  But I left him before I even found out.  

Because the weaponization of the ring is a tool to use as a threat:   You stay in line, or this ring is coming off. 

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