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  1. Hi All, My mom passed away unexpectedly 2 years ago this past June. I feel like some days I have found some peace with it but other days I feel like it is all fresh and new and I just can't ease the pain. I am not in denial and yet some days I just can't seem to accept that she is gone. I grieve for myself and for my children. She was a huge part of their lives. I grieve all the important moments in their lives that she won't share. I was not at all prepared for her passing. It was sudden and she was fairly young. I was with her in the end and it wan't peaceful. I watched as th
  2. This has gone way off track. And that’s ok. I realize there are many interpretations of things from folks who only have partial information. Thanks to everyone who chimed in. I really do appreciate the responses.
  3. Of course parents and children should be considered. As I said, it wasn’t on my radar. He’d never made it past regular season the last 2 years. Should it have been on my radar. Arguably yes. And I feel badly it wasn’t. But I didn’t disregard it and chose the date anyway. I didn’t think past the regular season because that’s where it has historically ended for him and I didn’t really know about post season. And college recruiting happens in 11th grade or earlier. Not March of senior year. It just doesn’t. Were he to win the State championship maybe, but that is not likely to happen.
  4. I didn’t give him that message. He know that too.
  5. I hear you jman. He is a kid who has worked hard and done very well for himself. And I never wanted him to be in a position to have to choose something like this. He is very good and would most likely progress to States. But he is not at the level to compete in college. He knows this, his coach knows this. You can argue this point but it’s pointless and not what this post is about. I have had several conversations with him over the past few days and he is very clear on my position of wanting him to compete. He is also very clear that he wants to go to the wedding. He told me tonight tha
  6. Thank you to all who have replied. I appreciate all the viewpoints. To clarify a few things: a college scholarship or acceptance into college is not on the line. There is nothing after States. It’s just the satisfaction of making it that far. This is the first year he has qualified for post season tournaments and to be honest it was not on my radar when we set the date because he never made it this far before. The strides he has made this season as a result of his hard work have been amazing. Should I have thought about the possibility of him going this far, maybe, probably. But it wasn
  7. Hi all, I am not sure what I am looking for here except maybe some understanding and a different perspective. My son is a senior in high school. He is has been on the wrestling team for the past 3 years, starting as a sophomore. He is very athletic and when he sets his mind to something he is very determined. He has worked hard over the last 3 years to really make a name for himself and has become one of the better wrestlers on his team and a co-captain this year. He has been training in the off season as well during the season and it really shows this year. I am getting married in e
  8. Congrats to you both and wishing you a lifetime of happiness together [emoji323][emoji177]
  9. I don’t even know how to start or what to say here but writing has always helped me process my feelings and gain some perspective, so I’ll start this and hope it helps. I lost my mother suddenly and unexpectedly at the end of June. I’m still trying to process this loss and find some peace. She was very close to me and my 3 children. We are all still stunned and trying to navigate a world without her. A few days ago by 14 year old daughter was in a freak accident involving a tree falling on her while she was resting in a hammock with her 12 year old brother. She is in ICU with a C
  10. Good for you for setting boundaries and sticking to them!
  11. She may have made it clear that she didn't miss you when you spoke last but just as your moods change and you go through this process, so do hers. She may miss you from time to time, hence the bread crumbs. It doesn't mean she wants you back. She just wants to get a quick fix and continue on. It's typical. But you have to see it for what it is. Even if she out right expresses she misses you it doesn't matter. It's not enough. Keep on your path. You're doing well. Time really does heal.
  12. Just contact her and ask her to go on Wednesday. You'll kick yourself later if you don't at least try.
  13. Glad you see it as breadcrumbs. That's what it is. That is ALL it is. Most likely she is missing you some and wants to make herself feel better that you are still "there". Don't give in to it. There is nothing for you to gain from it. Stay strong and keep moving forward. It sounds like you are doing all the right things. The healing process is not linear. There will be set backs and difficult days but keep positive and keep the focus on yourself. You will find that you are better and better and one day you will reach the point of indifference. That should be your goal and you w
  14. Carus- I don't have anything new to add but I've been following along and wanted to say I think you're a strong person. You know you will get through to the other side of this. And you know you have to do the work to get there. I wish there were something to say to ease your pain on your journey but the only thing any of us can do is be here for you, listen to you, validate your feelings and cheer you on. Wishing you peace.
  15. Looking to hear what others do after a breakup...do I delete our FB photos and posts or just leave them and move on? We travelled a lot together and I have fond memories of the trips. We were together a few years. I do not want to go back to the relationship. I am completely done. We ended awhile ago. What about if I start a new relationship at some point- is it weird to have the photos and posts? Note- many of the photos include other people too, friends and family. How do others handle this??
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