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Feeling hopeless 😔

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Hi all, would really appreciate some advice if possible , will try and keep it short as I can. 
 I have been in a job in healthcare in a very busy office as a receptionist for 5 years now. In my job the amount of stress that is on me is unbelievable and recently started to break me . This is from job pressures which cannot really be changed and abuse from members of the public. I no longer enjoy my time outside work , I spend the weekend wanting to curl up and do nothing/go nowhere because I am so stressed and overwhelmed during the week that I need the weekend just to recover. The stress of my job has really affected me health and left me in constant panic mode, never able to fully relax. Most morning with wake up just feeling sad and dread going into work. Some days I feel physically unwell at work with pains in my chest and feeling sick, and I know that it has had a massive effect on my mental health aswell. I am teary, grumpy and moody with my other half and have no energy to socialise with friends. 

after realising this recently I have decided to try and make a change and been trying my absolute hardest to get another job but not had any luck yet, but will keep sending my cv off and trying.  There are other girls in my office who feel similar to me and we have tried to speak to our boss about it but even though we are promised changes, nothing ever happens. Unfortunately I cannot afford to just leave without another job. 
I have tried to talk to my family about this but I feel so alone, partly as I feel bad bothering them. My partner is understanding and helps me all he can with my job search. My mum and dad on the other hand even though I know they mean well and just want me to stay in a decent stable job, don’t seem to get that I don’t want to stay in a job that is making me unwell,  essentially. My mum seems to become annoyed at me and take the huff when I talk about wanting to find something else. She thinks because my job is stable and offers staff benefits etc that I should stay where I am. And that things will settle down and get better. I try to explain to her that the nature of the job is so stressful and I have been miserable for five years and that things are showing no sign of change but she seems to offer me no support saying I’ll be lucky to find something better, and said to me “I don’t want to be worrying  about your job and you maybe losing it ( the job) “. This makes me feel unsupported and upset as there is no thought for me, or how I feel- just that she doesn’t have to worry herself.  She reacts in the same way every time I try to mention it. 

sorry to go on and I understand it might sound trivial but as time goes on I just feel more and more low and stuck and I can’t see a way out of my situation. I have a degree so have qualifications  but it is disheartening to keep receiving all the rejections from job applications. I just feel like nobody really gets it. I am lower than I have ever been and just want to get back to my happy self. 

thanks for taking the time to read x

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51 minutes ago, Soalone33 said:

 I understand it might sound trivial but as time goes on I just feel more and more low and stuck and I can’t see a way out of my situation.

Sorry this is happening. Burnout is not trivial. It causes significant stress and distress. You're doing the right things searching for other work, sending out resumes. But take a break from that for a while. You can get burnout from Job hunting too

In the meantime try to engage in stress reducing activity whatever that is for you. Yoga,  massage, a hobby, whatever.

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