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Long story short. I have been dating and living with my girlfriend who i really love for almost 8 months now. My only issue is that she is good friends with her ex "friends with benefits" friends. To top it all of, she seems to be getting along with them ( 3 in total) really well. she has more common interests with them then she has with me. It makes me question why she chose me instead of them, I guess it may be the fact that we have common values and that we want the same things in life. I keep feeling that she made a mistake and that she will soon realize and let me go. We have spoken about it and she keeps saying that she loves me and that she wants to marry me. But that insecure feeling I have wont go away. I can't ask her to stop being friends with them because that would be unfair. I feel like everytime she talks to them, I keep getting images in my head of what they did together and I can't let it go. Is there a way to feel less insecure about this?



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