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My boyfriend, I guess ex boyfriend left me about a month ago. We just had a child in Jan. His first, my fourth. We were split the last couple months of the pregnancy, then got back together after baby was born. We were doing the stupid head games, i.e. Silent treatment so on and so forth. We tried talking and he got mad and left. I begged for the next day and a half for him to come back. Maybe bit beg, but asked about 4 times.


It's been almost a month. I have dang. Ear lost my mind. When I go quiet, he reaches out. I'm just over the games.


How can I really put this behind me?

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The way you say it sounds like you two just dont match. What is left so salvage at that point? I can understand that with an extra child it might be tough on you, but if its all mindgames and conflict, wouldnt this be worse on you and the children?

I dont think there really is a 'getting past' anything here as there's a child involved now that you both are parents off but as I feel you dont match together, I feel you need to come to terms with him about raising the child under mutual understanding and respect, but without an actual relationship. Because that would cause too much friction between the two of you and would not be good for the child.

I dont know how hard it will be for you two to have an understanding as co-parents, but its something you'll definately need to figure out with him as it is the future of your child as well

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