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DEaling with emotions around somebody that matters


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Please I need some help.


I am a strong and great woman but when it comes to relashionships I suck.

There is this guy that I like so much and I don't wanna lose him for any reason. He works with me but we have just a little bit contact even though we know each other for 3-4 months.

I feel so nervous when I am around him and this happens to me when people do not build this trust in me. I feel so unsecure because he still hasn't asked me out. Maybe he is not interested in me and I am nervous around him. Sometimes we come home togeteher cause we live close to each other and I am afraid that if he was interested he would make a move. But the other side of medal is that he is so polite and smiles to me and is so antistress.I find the moment hen we go home togeteher even though 5-10 min the most beautiful part of the day.


I want to deal with my nervousness and coldness around him but I don't know how. For me I should find somebody that really likes me like I am and that expresses it in some way, and that makes me feel secure so I can be free of stress and nervousness. But this way is taking me nowhere. Does this happens to you too?

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He may not know you're interested in him. Why don't you ask him out for coffee or ask him if he wants to go to the movies with you. Maybe you pass a park on the way home. Ask him if he would like to walk through the park. You need to speak up. If my wife didn't chase me, I wouldn't be married today. If you can't bring yourself to ask him, write a note and give it to him.

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