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  1. Wiseman, the more I block the ex , the more he pops up in my head, I really do not know a good solution other than finding someone else to love.
  2. AND I don't think I am over my ex yet, but I do have a lot of butterflies in my stomach about the new guy as well. UGH!
  3. Yeah I think I have been thinking about the new guy as replacing my ex.
  4. My dear friend, DO NOT have this fear. There are always other people out there that could be even better than her. You should try to move on if that is your decision but do not do it out of fear. cheers,x
  5. The more I block my ex and cut him out of my life the more ways he pops up. We have a business relationship so I have to keep him on linked in but other wise I have blocked him everywhere. I am dating someone else now so I was just wondering how to heal from my ex. I noticed he looked at my profile on linked in yesterday. I don't know how to get over my ex and move on to someone new. please some advice would be great.
  6. Yeah, I feel nervous around men that I am smitten with , its completely normal.
  7. I am sorry about your situation. I hope you will get over her.
  8. Oops, case of the Monday's, we have only met once halfway he asked me out an official date this Sunday but I was so anxious to meet him I asked if he could meet halfway . That is the starbucks date that we met at halfway. I just mean this is a new relationship, someone new, not official yet.
  9. That's cool, how long did you date before you moved in together ?
  10. yep! He asked me out for a second date in my city on Sunday. I am sooo excited I have the butterflies. He asked mt to go to this restaurant on the east side of my town. I am so excited, I am beyond words and it is all because Wiseman told me to take a chance on a new guy instead of my ex. Thanks enotalone !
  11. Thanks jman. I am not going to ask him to move yet, but on hour dates we usually meet at the half way point, that is what we have done so far .
  12. yes it is! Thanks butterfly and daisy!
  13. Lately I have been talking about getting back together with an ex, but after listening to some sound advice from Wiseman , I decided to persue a new relationship with this guy I met on OK cupid. He is 6 months older than me. He has the bluest/greenest eyes, We met at starbuck's for a coffee and talked and talked and I realized that he would love me for who I am. Thank you, I am so glad I have met someone new that this new relationship is going to be amazing. I am in a little bit of a pickle, we live one hour a part and he told me that we can see each other on the weekends since he is working and I am working and he is going to school. I wish he lived here in town, should I ask him if he will move? Thanks,
  14. wow! tough one!!!! I would talk to your friend first about it.
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