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Why am I so scared that my ex is going to ruin my new relationship?

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my ex was the first person I lost my virginity too and my first boyfriend. We cared about each other a lot but also had so many arguments. We both had different backgrounds/religions and after a year decided it wasn’t going to work.


During our relationship we would often send each other cheeky photos of ourselves, one time even videoing when we had intercourse, only for ourselves to watch. I remember deleting the video, but now I am so paranoid that he still has it for some reason. He said he never would do such a thing and had deleted everything but I panic. I am now in a such healthy happy relationship and I’m so scared that one day it’s going to come out. It’s been a year since we broke up and never have spoken since. I know it sounds stupid but I feel like the worst person ever for doing it, and I’m so afraid its going to get leaked.

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Well, what can you do? If your boyfriend has a copy and he hasn't released it, then he's just enjoying it privately. Not every ex-boyfriend is vindictive. It's a concern, but you shouldn't fret over it. We all have sex. A lot of couples make videos. Some of them get released. It's not as big of a deal these days. Your ex may not want it getting out because he's in it and it would hurt whomever he's dating. So don't worry about it too much.

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In the future, don't ever send pics that are risqué that show your face.

As for the video, doubtful he will post it all over for everyone to see, because he's involved to.

It's been a year, no contact, so try put it out of your mind.

Just learn a lesson to it do that again so you don't need to worry. Its fine if you want to video but make sure it's your phone and you don't share it. You can watch it together and delete it.

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The first thing I've ever learned is that the only person who can ruin your relationship, if your happy, is yourself and your significant other. I had an ex send a cheeky pic of me to my boyfriend of 3 years at the time, I was so upset. But he said wow you look just as beautiful now as then. And when I asked if he was mad he said. I am happy with you, the you now, your past is past and we will leave it at that no need to give this guy what he wants. Those were the best words I could have imagined. So just relax and give your man all of your trust that he wont judge you if anything happens. cause I'm sure he has sent nudes and things before. It would be surprising if he hadn't.

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