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What should I do next?


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There’s this guy I’ve like for a while and we’ve got closer as friends (maybe a bit more I don’t know) over the past few months. He doesn’t have the same relationship that he has with me with a lot of my friends and they’ve known him longer than me.


However he likes someone else and has done for a while but they’ve been best friends for years. The girl he likes is the sort of person who is overly friendly with a lot of boys and gives a lot of them the wron impression because of her being ‘all over them’. This girl is also best friends with another boy who also likes her but she definitely doesn’t like him. Once again she is all over him and he thinks she likes him.


Back to the guy I like, he is very confused about how this girl feels about him but he definitely has feelings for her. He has said to her recently that because of the way things are he wants to try and get over her and obviously feelings don’t disappear just like that so it would take some time to do this.


At a party, she got drunk and was sitting on his lap, laying on him and being even more all over him than usual. Shortly before I got to spend some time with him alone at this party and because it was cold we sat with his arm around me to warm me up. We just seem to have some sort of connection with each other and a couple of people who I’m not necessarily close friends with have said that they can see us going out one day.


At the party after things got messy, they went outside to talk and I’m not sure what was said but this girl said she was completely honest with him and told him exactly how she was feeling. She told him about the guy who likes her and how she’s doesn’t want to hurt his feelings.


Here’s the dilemma: I obviously want to persue this guy as things have been getting better but I definitely don’t want to end up in a love triangle. This boy doesn’t know that I like him and I feel like this isn’t the right time to tell him but I want to one day. Should I tell this girl that I like this boy and maybe it might help her make up her mind about him? Should I back off and see what happened between them or continue keeping it ‘lowkey’ between us?

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How old are you? A teenager? If you're an early teen, it's too early for any long-term relationships. You like a boy for a week or two, then you don't like him anymore. You're just learning what love is all about. If you're an older teen then you go out on dates to get to know a guy better and let him know you better. Ask the guy out on a date. And then ask him out on another date. And then ask him out on another date. And then ask him out on another date. In about five dates, you will be his girlfriend or you won't be. By the way a "date" is not hanging out with a group of other people. A date is the two of you going off to do something, either going to the movies, or getting coffee, or going to a concert, smooching on a park bench, etc. He will tell you what you need to know. And if it doesn't work out, there are other boys you might like.

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