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Boyfriend Meeting My Mom


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Didn't know where to post this but here's my best bet.


I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 11 months now. He's been asking to meet my mom here and there. At first I wasn't ready for him to do so just because I wasn't sure about the seriousness of the relationship at first.


Later I was getting ready to set up a meetup but he was being grouchy about things outside our relationship so I didn't want him to meet my mom with a down attitude.


Now that he's lost the grouchiness and is actually more than wonderful, I am open to him meeting my mom. BUT


My mom has never been that parent who openly opens their arms to my or my siblings suitors. She lives a few hours away and feels as if her children doesn't need to drive all the way to her just for her to meet the person we are dating.


My boyfriend wants to meet her and I would like him to be able to since it's important to him.


Instead of going to my moms house and being there awkwardly for a couple hours, is there something else you can reccommend for the 3 of us?

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Going out for a nice lunch just the 3 of you, could be a solution, in a public place where everybody will behave, if it is getting awkward for somebody for some reason, you could leave earlier... you will see how it will go and maybe bring him home next time... good luck! :-)

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