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Am I a bad friend?


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Today is my friend's birthday. We are in college. I went to her birthday dinner this afternoon. I have been out drinking every night since Wednesday night for my sorority initiation (we have to go out if they tell us we have to). My other friend told me they were planning to go out tonight around 10 pm. I knew that I would not be able to go out because I am so tired and need rest. Therefore, I went to my friends room to see her and be with her until they left to go out. Once they left she texted me and told me how upset she was with me for not coming. Is it that big of a deal? Am I in the wrong?

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First off -


You DO NOT HAVE TO GO OUT for sorority initiation.


In fact, I strongly encourage you NOT to. You do not want to join an organization that hazes its members. And that is hazing, make no mistake. I was in a sorority, so I’m not saying this from some anti Greek high horse.


Yes, you are in the wrong a bit. You’ve known about this for ages and bailed. Make it up to her by taking her to breakfast tomorrow.

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