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Ex was a idiot


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I have posted on here a lot and that is because I just had a lot of unresolved feelings which have been resolved to some extent.


I realised today that you can't control people's behaviours, what they think of you, if they respect you.


With my ex he never respected me and frankly didn't care enough I guess blaming drink and drugs is easy as he was doing them. However, I realised if the slightest thing upset him suddenly I'm the C'U'*T and I'm sorry but that's not my problem.


I've made a decision that none of it is and he owes me an apology (which I still haven't got). I'm annoyed with myself for not stooping to his level or being passive aggressive I just waiting until he was back to normal.


In hindsight I should have pulled him up on it "but I was in love".... no more rose coloured glasses!!!


I'm done with him so I've blocked him since he has a new girlfriend and I never want to hear from him again! Unless he has a heartfelt apology and comes off of the drugs and moves to the countryside and disowns his disgusting cousin (who wanted to share me) and grubby mates.


I'm chalking this one up to I've learnt my lesson and I'm not looking back.


I will now Continue with the rest of my life! He didn't deserve me and never will!


To everyone who is in love with a cocaine addict, set your boundaries and if they can't be met disappear 👻


Because frankly they are horrible cowards who bully, manipulate and lie I.e can't be trusted are ready to ruin your life!!!!


Love and light! Thank you for all the advice that has helped me so very much ❤️

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I was saying it in a sarcastic way in my head! I meant that this will never happen with a man with such rubbish character (he won't sort himself out, he sees no problem). I will not take him back he's a lunatic to be honest the more I think about it the more his character scares me! Emotional abuse is a real thing and people don't notice it when they are in it let it slide once and it will become a pattern. I left but I could have tried nipping it in the bud, his own cousin tried but it didn't stop him! I was at real risk of more than that happening to me! At the end of the day he treated me poorly for 6 weeks for no reason I don't think it was a one off. So you are right my only regret is I didn't wake up sooner!

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Read my post....BrokeUP no contact day six. We have been through similar situations.

My ex did not do drugs or drink, but he used me to make him happy.

He has to be pumped up all the time. However, he did not do the same for me.

Don't need anyone to pump me up. Your story sounds so similar to mine.

Look at some of the videos on youtube of breakup with no contact.

I hope you are doing better and wish you the best. Hope you start putting yourself first.

Yes, loving someone you look at for their wellbeing, but not to where they always are first and you are last.

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Broken heart I have read it and I think ultimately you are correct. I always see the best in people I don't compare and that I guess is my downfall! Nevertheless I had a thought just now that it doesn't matter if I argued or even if I (this didn't happen) set fire to his whole flat. The point is he didn't think about his actions hurting me ever. He just did what he wanted to do. Which is fine very selfish but fine. He would try to get reactions from me which in my mind he was trying to hurt/cause drama. We are just two very different people my loved ones I would never try to hurt!

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