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Help, Met a girl in Covent Garden grabbed her number and then this......

Johnny Andalla

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So the title is a long story short, yes I bumped into her there and got into conversation after accidently hitting into her and playing it cool in all respects to me*. She then begun to complement me and show immediate affection and it was marvellous

and soon after that I got her number and we have been texting but suddenly a couple of days ago after texting for about 4 days she has been replying slower, shorter texts and I get the impression she is finding me annoying when a few days ago she sent me pictures of her being funny and cute. And we joked until it stopped. Is she sick of me?

did I say something wrong? Am I a moron? Is she busy?


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4 days of texting and you haven't asked her out yet? If I was a girl I would be getting annoyed to!


Take some action man - quicker! The first day you started texting, or at most the second. You should have said "HEY! Was great meeting you, lets grab coffee on Saturday?" Or whatever... ask her out dude! Don't be lame... texting won't get you a relationship.

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