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Accidentally broke up


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So i recently started taking birth control and it made me pretty crazy. I would get very angry for a couple hours over nothing then be super calm the next hour. I would get mad about all the little things my boyfriend did but wouldnt say anything about it I would just stop talking to him and change the subject, leave, or ignore his messages. I guess I was taking all my irrational anger out on him and could only notice his negative qualities. Iwould ask people for advice and when I explained it they would say "why would stay with someone who makes you so upset?" To make it worse we have only been dating about 2 months and so people would tell me that if I was feeling this was so soon it wasn't a good sign. But i never really explained that my anger towards him only started about 5 days after I started the pill. Before i had started the pill I was in the honeymoon phase with him but after i couldnt help but get mad. Now I decided that I should listen to everyone and break it off. So i did. It felt awful as i was doing and after I was doing it. It was not a relief at all. He messaged me after asking me why I had done this so suddenly and after trying to justify my nonsense i explained that I've been all over the place and that I would stop taking the pill and that I hoped we could resume things after I've had a chance to get back to normal. He was happy about that and understanding and said that it was okay but I feel awful for doing this crazy stunt and am scared he won't trust me or like me as much anymore. Any thoughts on how I could make this better?

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I beg to differ, the pill can certainly mess with your emotions. It is fully effective in 7 days, but impacts the body before then. First starting out with the pill, I would get very mad after irregular use. I didn't know why I was angry, until I stopped taking it completely. I have heard other women quote it wasn't for them because it messed with their emotions.


Sometimes it's a trial and error with any drug in how it affects you. While the pill isn't an excuse for anger, it is wise to be cautious when introducing any new drug into your body and be aware of the side effects. Recognition is key. You need to stop or take something else when you notice significant negative effects.


There are other brands of the pill, and other forms of birth control. I suggest you also talk to your doctor and make a switch. With your ex, he sounds understanding but you should figure this situation out first before anything else.

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