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I have told him repeatedly to leave me alone...

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I have this guy friend. He was really sweet in the beginning...saying and doing all the right things...calling me just b/c and e'mails just b/c and then he started to fall for me. He is an older guy and lives in the US...we have met only once. He started telling me how much he liked me and wanted to be with me and hang out with me. It sorta bugged me at the time but not as much as it does now. I want him to leave me alone...and i keep telling him to not call me and not e'mail or anything. BUT HE WON'T LISTEN! I have told him repeatedly to leave me alone...but he doesn't get it. There is NO FUTURE FOR US...b/c he is way older than me. What else can i do any suggestions?


please help!

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