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Help with a second date!


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So yesterday I went on my first date with a girl and it went really well. We met up for lunch, then went for a walk around a park. Although there was the odd awkward silence, we had a really nice time together. She originally asked for this first date, and half way through lunch she said that she hoped we can have a second (so clearly she does like me?). My question is where I'm new to this dating thing, I'm not sure how long to wait before the second date, or even what to do! We are both 17 and in the maidstone, Kent area. I know there's quite a few things around here, but I just don't know what would make a good second date. Any help would be greatly appreciated! It's also worth noting that we are both quite shy, so I'd like an activity which would help to bring us out of our shells a bit (though she was opening up to me in the middle- end of the first date). Thanks!

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Sometimes it can take time to get to know the other person and get to know them. And that she is hoping for a 2nd already suggests good things.


I would suggest not leaving it too long.

Is there a winter festival in Kent like we have here in London? Something like a Winter Wonderland fair or something would be a fun thing to go to. you could have some fun together, go on a ride, share candifloss and maybe win her a stuffed toy. Look for stuff like that. Try to stay away from the classic movie thing, you want to get to know her and have her get to know you, and this cannot be done in a dark room while you are watching a movie.

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