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Still in love with her

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She broke up with me after 3 years together in January yet I’m still in love with her. It’s like the worst feeling In the world still being in love and not being able to do anything about it.


I have no way of contacting her and refuse to do it through a friend of hers. Yet it would still mean the world to me just to be able to talk to her again.


She found someone new and was with them for a few months and now she’s back to being single. But I’m starting to thinking trying to get back with her is just a lost cause as I don’t think she could ever feel the same way towards me after nearly a year apart.


Literally feel so stupid for holding on, has anyone held on for this long, maybe longer and managed to get back with their ex? Or is it a pointless waste of time.


I really don’t want to give up and defy all odds to get back with her.

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How do you know she's single if you have no way of contacting her? How do u know so much about her but can't connect ?


If she cut you out of her life completely by changing her information so you can't contact her then I would advise you to let it go. If she wanted to be contacted, she would leave a door open somewhere...a way for you to reach out.

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Her breaking up with you and never reaching out is not a good sign.

It probably best to keep going forward and leave her in the past.

I'm sorry it hurts you, it does absolutely suck to love someone and not be with them


There are success stories, but it all depends on the nature of the breakup.

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