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Motive of Ex


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I am posting here for confusion on actions. Looking for advice about ex-wife and her possible motives by actions. Maybe I'm being used as emotional support. Here is the jest of it.


We been apart since Dec last year and have get a few text her and there. Also helped her out financially few times. Past few months we didn't text or communicate.


But in the last few weeks there is small talk. For instance she sent a pic of "our" dog which I've accepted possibly never seeing again and live with it. Texted her a week later instead of quickly. She asked how everyone was doing, then started to tell me about the dog. After I wished her Happy Turkey Day.


Now, last Wed she sent a text with a word that I only use for saying hello. Was busy at the time and noticed about an hr later, did response with the same word. Small talk began again asking how I was doing and what I was doing for work. Told her and natural response was That's Good. Then told me she had one of my possession I forgot about and said she could drop it off to me this weekend. Also said that word is our word since No one else talks to her like that.


In short, she dropped of what was mine and I sad in the car with her and she didn't stop talking about dog, her children, mom pops etc. Not once did she make eye contact except to glance at me. Couldn't tell if her glancing at me was hard, eyes look slightly wet could of been allergies. Shook her hand and gave her a hug and we both said see you later. Asked let me walk dog once or twice and there wasn't a response. Feels like she is trying to still control me. When I was getting out of the car she had strong angry emotions about a family member of mine.


Does this sound like a emotional support or did I not give enough information? Do I want her back? That question is unresolved, most likely no. Could be that she misses me and made an excuse just to come see me. SMH cause I'm not sure what her intention could be. We've had 2 blow outs that should of pushed anyone away from each other after we broke up involving friends.


And last, she knew about a tat I got before she saw me. Can thank social media for that.

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Not to sound selfish, but do we really care about her new husband's feelings for you? It, and drama about friends, family and the fighting surrounding that is all not important. You will have to decide what you want, you probably don't want her is what you said . . .


I think she has feelings for you for sure. But that is not the same as her being certain about wanting to return . . .she should let you walk the dog for sure. Is that what you say you think she's being controlling about?


She sounds like drama but that doesn't matter if you love someone , within reason.

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