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Keep trying or give up?


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I have been in a relationship with a guy for the past one year, and it was long distance, so we could meet each other only twice. However, we have been face timing all the time. Honestly I have not been the best version of me to him and took him for granted. We had a big fight, I was very rude to him and when we were on a break he said yes to a girl who has been into him for a couple of a years. She had shown interest in him, but he never reciprocated .By the time I calmed down and got back to him, he told me that he started seeing her, they slept together and he wants to call it off with me. I did not want to give up on him, so I apologized and he said he needs time to think. But a few days later he rang me up and told me that if I had not been rude to him from the beginning he wouldn't have left me for the other girl. Since they both are from the same city they got enough time to built intimacy whereas the relationship with me has been long distance. He says it would be wrong from his part if he leaves that girl and come back to me since that would mean that he used her as a rebound. However, he said he still likes me, but he is choosing her over me since it's too late to change his decisions. However, I think that I should not give up on him so easily since I truly feel that he is a good guy and should not let him go. In the beginning of the relationship I used to think that I'm too good for him since I'm better educated and have better social conditions. Now when he is gone, I really regret taking him for granted and genuinely feel that he is my soulmate. I feel like I shouldn't let go a good guy so easily, but at the same time I think I shouldn't be pursuing someone who has already decided to call it off with me. I know it's a lesson for me not to take anyone for granted, but at the same time, I wish I still had a chance with him.

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