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What are the chances that I could be pregnant?


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I really, really, don't want to get pregnant right now. I'm in no way ready to take care of a child, and right now I'm extremely worried.


My boyfriend and I were fooling around about a week and a half ago. We didn't actually have sex, though I did give him a handjob, which ended with my hands having some of his come. It got pretty sticky, and I did wipe some of it off my hands. For the most part, my hands weren't at all wet, though I completely wasn't thinking when I touched a bit of my clit. No fingers put up there, but,

yeah. He noticed and he kinda freaked, got me to clean myself up my wiping and uh, licking, and taking a piss.


I'm a virgin, by the way. and right now I'm praying my period will come. According to my cycle I should be getting it within the next week, though nothing so far.


Also, I know it's kind of foolish of me to not be so informed, and I get that (which is why my boyfriend and I don't want to rush actually having sex).


and while I'm pretty sure it's unlikely for me to get pregnant, I honestly want some reassurance. Or the truth. Whatever works. Thanks for reading.

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Yes, it's pretty unlikely you got pregnant from just touching your clit, but stranger things have happened. You basically have a chance of getting pregnant on days 9-14 of a 28-day period if your egg drops on day 14. Since young girls often have irregular periods, it's always difficult to guess. Do be careful in the future and when you finally have sex. You or your boyfriend can buy condoms, spermicides and female condoms at the pharmacy. A visit to your doctor can get you birth control pills or a diaphragm.

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