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hi all,

I messaged about a week ago to inform of a relationship break-up around 5 weeks ago, whereby I was dumped by a girl after a 3 year relationship, who said she wanted time alone.. there seemed there was nothing I could do to help the situation, at the time. I made it clear that I love her and gave her space.

Barely any contact up to today, except a couple of abrupt texts weeks ago and then it all becomes clear.. A mutual friend informs me this morning that she has just become facebook official in a relationship (I had blocked). Then did some gentle digging around in the evening and found out it is with someone I know (and fb friend of mine no less)... so this comes 5 weeks after we split, as she says she wanted to be alone..

my point is this.. I knew in my heart of hearts that she was with someone for quite a while before her break up message came through, I just didnt want to believe it

If you have a gut feeling on these things it often turns out to be correct..

Geez it hurts like absolute hell that I felt I was holding on for nothing and now I have to try and move on from it and not let it consume me.

Can't get my head round the fact that the 3 years meant so little to her.

struggling bigtime.

Thanks for reading x

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