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My ex and I broke up almost one year ago. We have had limited contact the entire time. We were together for two years, and we had a wonderful relationship with good chemistry and alot of love and trust. But our lives changed and maybe we grew apart. We are young. He's 19 and I'm 21.

I have struggeled this past year. I've been heartbroken and used alot of time and energy to try to heal and move on from the breakup. Yes, I did (do?) hope that we could get back together because it ended so suddenly for reasons I know are not permanent. But now I don't know..

Anyways.. He has contacted me from time to time, and I have contacted him. We have also met a few times. I realise now that almost everytime he contacted me he has struggled with something. When we were together he struggled with alot of things and I was always by his side and helped him. Maybe this is why he keeps contacting me when something is wrong, I don't know. But two days ago, it was my birthday. I was expecting something from him, not alot, only a short message to wish me a happy birthday. Since we have had contact, and there are no bad feelings between us (from my perspective at least) I saw this as a natural thing. But I got nothing from him. Not a word. And it made me think...

Is he "using" me everytime he struggles with something..? Maybe I should stop answering him in the future? I'm really suprised because it is so unlike the person I thought i knew. Now I'm not sure what to do.. Any thoughts? I don't regret anything that I have done this entire year. I have worked and improved myself. I'm feeling better now than I ever had. I think I have come much further than what he has.


Sorry for the errors.. English is difficult.

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