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Bit of an awkward situation


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I met a girl at a party about a week ago and ended up getting along with her quite well. She was quite a bit drunk (and I wasn't) and we ended up lying down on a sofa and just talking to each other. It seemed like she liked me but in hindsight it was probably just because she was drunk. I decided that i liked her quite a lot and wanted to try to get to know her and go out with her.


Yesterday we were at a much larger party with a lot more of my close friends around and she was there. I decided that I was going to tell her how I felt then and maybe ask her out.

However I don't think I was specific enough because when I told her, she said: 'Don't worry, of course we can be friends'


The problem is I'm not sure if she thought I was asking if we could be friends, or if I just got friend zoned.


If she misunderstood, then I still have a chance by awkwardly clarifying what I meant last night and seeing where that takes me.

However, if she understood what I meant, and then I tell her again what I really meant, I look like I can't take a very obvious hint.




PS. I'm 16 and so is she.

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Her reply doesn't really match with what you stated. I think you need a bit more practice on how to go about asking someone out. First, you need to learn to read cues that she is interested in you before you ask her out. A woman who is interested might laugh a little more than normal when you're funny. She might compliment you. She might find opportunities to touch your arm for emphasis, etc. She might ask what you did on the weekend.


And when you do ask her out, don't tell her how you feel. That's putting the cart before the horse and women don't respond well to that. Just say, "Hey, would you like to go to dinner with me Friday night?" If she says yes, great. If she says she's busy and doesn't give an alternate date, she's not interested but you'll be able to move on. Good luck.

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